Join me on a journey discovering new worlds!

Travel, nature and fine art in photography?

What do they have in common? For me it's discovering new and unknown worlds: from exploring the outside world by traveling to remote countries, to diving into the mysterious inside world through art. Nature is an endless inspiration both during my travels and my macro nature art photography. This all is always so fascinating and beautiful, opening my eyes to the unseen. There is so much more to explore. Come and join me.

Hello! My name is Nanda Bussers, a photoblogger with a special interest in conservation photography, travel photography, artistic nature photography and storytelling.

Love hearing about your personal story and the stories behind your photos.

I'm fascinated by cats, love traveling and making creative macro photos of nature.

Traveling is one of my passions and my dream is to discover all the countries of the world with my photo camera. I want to tell stories with my images.


My personal and unique photo artworks are always inspired by nature. Often - symbolically - the cycle of life is depicted. In my scenic and organic (macro) images, color, shape, atmosphere and structure are important.